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Contact Us

We welcome scientists and managers of reintroduction and translocation programs as collaborators on the ARTD.

  • Editor status can be requested for a species. The editor can add data for a new species or edit data for an existing species, site, and release event.

With Administrator permission, the Editor for a species will have the ability to submit data entries for three sections within a species dataset:

  1. The data in Species, Site and Source Population and Release & Post-release
  2. The Resources for a species which include Images, Multimedia, Documents or Links
  3. The Comments which may include subjective comments about the Species, Site and Source Population, Release & Post-release or an update on the status of the program.

The submitted entries (i.e., new or edited data and text) will be routinely reviewed and if approved, updated.

  • Contributor status can be requested for postings to the Blog or the Resources

The Blog is available for general reintroduction and translocation postings. We welcome announcements of conferences, symposiums, graduate student and grant opportunities. General news releases can also be posted.

The Resources page provides the opportunity to post Images, Multimedia, general Documents or Links.

  • Researcher status can be requested. The ARTD provides some filters on Species, Site and Release Event lists. Additional filters are possible. We will attempt to accommodate those requests that are approved.

To contribute to the future development and maintenance of the ARTD website, we welcome special gifts. Please contact Christine Zrinsky at czrinsky@lpzoo.org.